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Kristy Hinds is a writer and the founder of Launch it, LLC., online courses and personal development coaching. She is the author of Redeemed: The Power of A Single Story. Kristy believes every story is valuable to God. She believes justice is served when all people equally have a voice, when all stories are held with equal worth, and leadership is collaborative and shared among the world’s diversity. Kristy lives in Long Beach, California. She is a former on-air radio personality and is an ordained minister.

Kristy is the daughter of Panamanian immigrants and currently studies creative writing at UCLA. Kristy loves to write, travel around the world (her favorite city is Amsterdam), listen to music, read fiction, go to the beach, and dance to salsa music with family and friends.


Azusa Pacific University Morning Chapel encourages the university’s convictions of spiritual formation by means of a biblical, diverse, relevant, and challenging curriculum utilizing creative arts, gifted speakers, and Christian practices.

- September 14, 2018

A devotional message on life transformation. Using past hurts and current realities to help inspire and transform lives through faith.

- Free Methodist General Conference 2015


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