I have wanted to write and tell stories my whole life.  Humans are full of potential and we are multi-talented. We have the ability to create and live out our dreams unlike any other life force on the planet. However, we often get stuck or locked into a fixed mindset that we are all we will ever become. When I write, I can see myself at an old age still with pen and journal in hand writing stories through the lens of my travels, adventures, various careers, and relationships.

No one is going to give you permission.

To be a writer I have to write.  Write through hardships, joy, manuscript rejections, and successes.

My stories and encouragements are my happy place.  A place where my only boss is Jesus and he freely gives me authority to express myself in the way he has created me.  I write and share pieces of my life because it is my creative outlet.  This is the place that if I am wrong I can work it out on paper.  My happy place is about the experience of writing and how my little bit of creativity can help to shape the world around me.  My bit of thought can help to connect me with another human being.

I hope that my stories will help inspire you to lean into your longings and explore your God-given gifts!

Now on to the traditional bio information

I grew up in Southern California.  My parents are immigrants from Panama raising us in a bilingual English and Spanish household. 

Books are my favorite (said in my Will Ferrell 'Elf' voice)!  

My passions include writing, story-telling, coaching, mentoring, leadership development, racial equity, and women's equality.  You can expect my stories to dialogue these issues. 

I am an introvert.  I serve in the church world and am ordained. Prior, I have worked in film post-production, and as a radio on-air personality for several popular radio stations....that was the fun! Going to work to sit alone in a studio basically talking to myself was actually awesome.  I attended Howard University and I am currently continuing my education.

I am a survivor of sexual assault. In my spiritually themed book,"Redeemed: Power of A Single Story" I share about my experience. Also, in a separate experience I discuss the loneliness of having an abortion. The topic is still taboo and rarely discussed in church circles or anywhere else (unless it is a political debate). I think it is important that women have a space to share how we feel, the pain associated, and for me how I overcame shame. The best part of life is overcoming something and then turning around to help the person behind you to overcome too. Walking through the process of healing surrounded by the presence of God in prayer has been one of the greatest experiences of my life amidst an unspeakably difficult circumstance.

I am humbled by the opportunity to receive speaker requests to speak in spaces that I never could have dreamed for myself.  I am beyond grateful. I am excited to see where life will take me.  Thank you for taking the time to read these stories...they are from my heart.  If these stories resonate with you I hope they bring you encouragement and a sense of comfort. I hope you are inspired to tell your stories!

I love to write, travel, listen to music, read fiction, go to the beach, and connect with my family and friends.  

My favorite quote, "At this point in my life I have had enough experiences that I have earned the right to speak my mind." - Halle Berry.